Annual HOA Meeting

Forest Creek Homeowners Association Inc. Annual Meeting March 31st 2016 Minutes

The Meeting was called to order by Randy at 6:26pm and proof of meeting notice was shown by Roseann Smith.

Those in attendance were asked to sign in and given a ballot to vote for board positions whose terms had expired.

Issues discussed during the meeting:

  1. The Entrance and Exit Gate system
    • Gate had closed on to a car causing a punctured tire
    • Gate has been acting erratic
    • Get a bid for a new gate system
    • Adding a personal walkway out for residents who run in the community

  2. The Pool and Hot Tub
    • Pool is not getting clean, lots of leaves
    • Residents concerned chemicals are off balance
    • Concern that hot tub is broken and no one utilizes it
    • Residents agreed to get rid of the hot tub and replace with a patio area.

  3. Landscaping
    • Residents feel contractors have been getting too comfortable doing the minimum
    • Sometimes it’s one man in a truck with a push mower, other times a professional crew
    • Tree Trimming

  4. Exterior work
    • Rock wall crumbling and black needs power wash
    • Hire power washing contractors?
    • Silver fish and fire ant issue, contact pest control to make sure issue gets resolved

  5. Recycling
    • Residents had previously asked for recycling, proposal was gotten from Round Rock Refuse
    • Price would increase from 18 a month to 25 including 95 gallon containers provided at no extra cost
    • Residents voted this down due to price increase

  6. Selling of Rental Units
    • 25 units being sold in one year
    • $120 a square foot base price
    • Financing warrantable/non-warrantable (3-4 months 20% down)
    • New Agent receive better referral for new policy’s

Ballots were collected as people exited and the board stands at Randy Wright, RoseAnn Smith, Dave Bacon and Michel Farhi.

The meeting was adjourned.