Forest Creek Property Update


New gate has been installed and is fully functional. New gate was installed due to several malfunctions and the need for more safety features. Because of this the new gate was installed with two additional photo eye beams and edgeguards. If you need an additional clicker for the gate they can be purchased at the office for $25.



Resident had a water leak and when maintenance was called out to shut off emergency water valve on the exterior of the house it was found to be stuck and inoperable. The Board discussed the need to check all exterior water valves for safety purposes should someone not be home when a leak happened in their home. All valves were checked 12 including the original valve causing the problem were found to be broken and all were replaced.



On January 10, 2011 the exterior wall along Red Bud Road was damaged as a result of an auto accident. We have been notified of an estimated repair amount from the insurance company belonging to the responsible party. Repair estimates have been sought to ensure the amount offered will properly cover the repair.


Gas Meters
Homeowner Cynthia Davis contacted Atmos energy to request the rusted meters on our property be painted. Although they did perform the work, thier workmanship left much to be desired as paint was over sprayed on several of the buildings. The company will be back out per Cynthia's request and will correct the over spray issue using chemicals that will not damage landscape vegetation.

Additionaly the landscape company has been given contact information for those at Atmos as they have several meters that were difficult to reach due to shrubbery.

Hail Storm
The new roofs were inspected after the last large hail storm and found to have no damage.

Un-welcome Guests
We again have been visited by teenage boys who like to access our community through the golf course. They skate board through the property making a general nuisance of themselves and are very beligerant when asked to leave. Please call the police if you see them on our property. I have sent a letter to the High School and Middle School in our area along with the Homeowners Association for the neighborhood of single family homes that surround us. Additionaly I have requested that we be visited around 5:00 pm by the Round Rock police department. These efforts greatly helped to diminish these visits last year.


Hail Storm
Just by my visual inspection it seems as if we came through the storm virtually unharmed. To be on the safe side Randy has contacted the insurance company to have our new roofs, gutters and over all property inspected for damage.

Questions as a result of the recent HOA meeting:

Termite holes should be covered
Yes, I have contacted Bug Master and they agree they should be covered, a service tech will be out to inspect all the buildings that have been treated and covering those holes

Landscape company blowing leaves and cuttings under the telephone building fence by #25
They have been contacted and assure me they have spoken to the crew and will be blowing the remaining leaves out of that area

Gas mains rusted
TXU has been contacted and a service request made

Missing downspouts and crooked roofing pipes
I have sent an email requesting homeowners to let me know if their condo is affected, so far I have only received one email to this effect, besides those who attended the HOA meeting, a list will be given to the responsible companies by March 25, 2009